An Introduction to the KHRA

Foundation Purpose

Harm-reduction is an approach to treating obesity, drugs, alcohol and smoking;
it is a treatment that uses practical methods in open consultation with patients about the goals they can achieve.

The fundamental philosophy behind Harm Reduction is to acceptance, respect, trust,
and objective assessment so that the methodology can be designed
to form effective treatment relationship between healthcare practitioners and patients.

Despite a number of governmental measures, policies and campaigns currently being implemented in Korea against harmful impact of obesity, alcohol, drugs and smoking, its efficacy is found wanting despite the efforts. This is the same also in advanced abroad countries. So now many nations are making efforts to gradually reduce harm elements and improve health of the people and society through long term strategy through the introduction of Harm Reduction. Harm Reduction focuses on controlling and reducing the negative consequences and dangerous behavior associated with health-related harms, and it is not by any means intended to overlook or criticize any actions.


“Realization and Maintenance of a Healthy Society through Harm Reduction”